About Us – Vintara Eco

Vintara Eco is an eye opener and this diverse Eco-system isolate you from the monotonous metropolitan life of Colombo.

Vintara Eco is a stupendous resort situated two and half hours from Colombo which teleports you to the tranquility of the southern forest.

This ambient abode is a splendid place to set your mood a light. Vintara Eco is a renowned for its colossal variety of wildlife. A plethora of various organic fruits and vegetables are inhabited in its back yard. This resort offers numerous activities such as rejuvenating of fresh water ponds  and a swimming pool, overlooking the Bandagiri Rock. Pool, Billiard, Chess, Carom facilities and Cricket ground etc…

Animal Watching facilities inside the resort boundaries just to keep our inestimable guests satisfied. A wide range of in house animals are also consisted such as Deers, Rabbits, Ducks, Hens and various kinds of Birds.

For Reservation (24X7 Hotline) – (+94)707 722 722